Oil Skimmers, Inc.

Oil separation and removal systems for Military industry - Manufacturing, Other

In the military, there are various instances in which oil recovery and removal is necessary. From properly disposing of cooking oil from mess halls to effectively removing spilled or leaked oil from military airplane, ship, or tank fleets as well as other heavy equipment. As in many industries, oil from military applications is often mixed with water as a result of cleaning and washing processes.

With oil skimming systems from Oil Skimmers, Inc., all military divisions can benefit from significant advantages, like:

  • Efficiency improvements of wastewater treatment, resulting in cleaner wastewater and lower operational costs
  • Eliminates and/or minimizes need for supervision/attendance and maintenance
  • Results that deliver a cost-effective, permanent oil removal solution as opposed to costly short-term solutions
  • Proper management of and enhanced compliance in meeting local and federal environmental regulations
  • Enhanced operational efficiency due to less water collected and removed compared to other oil removal solutions


Common oil removal applications in the military industry, include:

  • Sumps or pits that collect wash water from vehicle and equipment washing or oil leaks and spills resulting from fueling
  • Jet fueling stations
  • Blige water oil removal for Navy and Coast Guard vessels
  • Mess hall facility kitchen waste and cleaning