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Oil separation and removal systems for Mining industry - Mining

Mining equipment is known to commonly leak oil and fuel. And, more often than not, wash water is used to rinse such leaks. This oil/water solution is often funneled into collection pits where any oil must be separated and removed from the wastewater to ensure compliance with wastewater regulations.

Using oil skimming technology from Oil Skimmers, Inc. to remove oil in mining industry applications can deliver key benefits, including:

  • Improves efficiency of wastewater treatment, resulting in cleaner wastewater and lower operational costs
  • Eliminates and/or minimizes need for supervision/attendance and maintenance
  • Improves the process for meeting local and federal wastewater disposal requirements
  • Enhances environmental responsibility through decreased environmental impact
  • Offers a more constant, permanent oil removal solution than alternatives
  • Reduces the amount of water collected and removed when compared to alternatives like vacuum truck services
  • Solvent extraction – raffinate pond


Common oil removal applications in the mining industry, include:

  • Wastewater collection pits containing wastewater that was used to clean up oil leaks
  • Holding tanks and basins
  • Equipment washing stations
  • Vehicle maintenance shops
  • Solvent extraction plants