Oil Skimmers, Inc.

Oil separation and removal systems for Petrochemical industry - Chemical & Pharmaceuticals - Petrochemical

In petrochemical plants, process oil and oil used for equipment can leak or spill. Water is used to channel spilled oil to plant treatment systems where it then needs removed from the wastewater solution to ensure compliance with wastewater regulations.

Oil skimming systems from Oil Skimmers, Inc. are ideal for oil removal and recovery from wastewater in the petrochemical and oil refining industry, delivering advantages, such as:

  • Improves efficiency of wastewater treatment resulting in cleaner wastewater and lower operational costs
  • Eliminates and/or minimizes need for supervision/attendance and maintenance
  • Improves the process for meeting local, state and federal environmental regulations
  • Provides a continual, permanent oil removal solution
  • Reduces costs associated with the ongoing need of services, such as vacuum trucks that inadvertently collect water along with oil (also reduces amount of water collected during oil removal)


Examples of oil removal applications in oil refining, include:

  • Collection pits
  • Aft bays
  • Sumps or pits at vehicle maintenance shops where fueling or equipment washing is typical