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Oil separation and removal systems for Power generation plants industry - Energy - Nuclear Power

In the power generation industry, petroleum-based products ranging from fuel oil and hydraulic fluid to lubricating greases and oils are found throughout every type of power generating plant or system. This includes coal-fired, gas-fired, hydroelectric, and nuclear.

And, lubricating oil is key to supporting bearings and moving parts in power generation equipment, such as pumps, conveyors, feeders, scrubbers, cranes, turbines, and more. Given the numerous lubricant connections, bearings, hydraulic seals, and other moving components in a plant, it is inevitable that oil will escape – often finding its way into the process, cooling, or cleaning water that flows throughout a plant.

To successfully remove the oil from these wastewater solutions, Oil Skimmers, Inc. offers a variety of oil skimming systems designed to deliver added value to power generation plants, including:

  • Improves efficiency of wastewater treatment, resulting in cleaner wastewater that can be reused or discharged
  • Eliminates and/or minimizes need for supervision/attendance as well as maintenance and personnel needs for sludge clean-up, also reducing operational costs
  • Improve the process for meeting and ensuring compliance with local, state and federal EPA wastewater disposal requirements
  • Lowers operational costs for waste oil filtration, water treatment and waste oil disposal
  • Effectively removes hydrocarbons from wastewater
  • Eliminates potential fines for wastewater that exceeds allowed limits
  • Offers the ability to continuously remove oil, regardless of water level (low or high)
  • Delivers continuous operation for around-the-clock protection against spills, immediately collecting and cleaning (sometimes before anyone notices)


Common oil removal applications in the power generation industry, include:

  • Tanks
  • Plant drainage sumps/pits designed to collect greasy/oily wastewater
  • Once-through cooling systems, such as an outflow collection point of a recirculating cooling system (prior to entering wastewater treatment facility)
  • Plant pumps at nuclear, fossil or hydroelectric power plants
  • General wastewater treatment (process, cooling or cleaning water)