Oil Skimmers, Inc.

Oil separation and removal systems for Railroad industry - Automobile & Ground Transport - Trains and Railways

In the railroad industry, oil is prevalent – oil leaks and fuel spills are commonplace, oil and fuel is often washed off of locomotives during cleaning prior to maintenance, and more. To help ensure compliance with wastewater regulations and maintain environmental responsibility, railroad yards direct collected oil, fuel, wash water and rainwater to collection pits or catch basins.

Designed to remove oil from these pits or basins, oil skimming systems from Oil Skimmers, Inc. are ideal for those in the railroad industry, delivering benefits like:

  • Improves efficiency of wastewater treatment by continuously removing oil/fuel without the need for supervision, maintenance or outside disposal companies – resulting in cleaner wastewater and lower operational costs.
  • Reduces clogging of any filtration equipment ensuring minimal operational downtime and maintenance.
  • Improves the process for meeting and ensuring compliance with local, state and federal EPA wastewater disposal requirements.
  • Enhances environmental responsibility and reduces likelihood of environmental remediation.


Examples of oil removal applications in the railroad industry, include:

  • Catch basins or collection pits at equipment washdown facilities where wash water often mixes with oil from equipment
  • Catch basins or collection pits at fueling facilities, designed to collect spilled fuel/oil and water used to clean up fuel/oil spills
  • Wastewater collection areas at maintenance yards (i.e. washing equipment prior to repairs)
  • General rainwater runoff collection areas