Weather Analytics

On-demand property and casualty weather solutions for insurance sector - Banking & Finance / Insurance / Legal

Weather Analytics provides on-demand property and casualty weather solutions. Weather Analytics is a breakthrough provider of solution-ready climate data for the property and casualty insurance sector. We deliver hard-to-find historical and predictive weather solutions with 33 years of geo-stable weather data. Accurate, on-demand, localized climate and weather data can reduce the time spent on finding and processing this data while improving accuracy in assessing potential weather impacts on your coverage areas for property and casualty insurance.

Claims adjusters, underwriters and actuaries can all benefit from Weather Analytics’ comprehensive climate data. Other information and analytics can help prevent fraud and increase the quality of claim validation. Other uses include:

  • Catastrophe and climate modeling
  • Risk exposure scoring and mapping
  • Rate and premium setting

Weather Analytics provides global geographic coverage, historical trends and forecast data that can be integrated with insurance models for more accurate and defendable climate intelligence – leading to better, faster decisions.

We provide essential weather variables – wind speed, wind direction, snow depth, freezing rain and more – that, when used together, can give insurance providers a powerful view of historical and forecast weather events and trends such as wind storms, flooding and wildfires.