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Online benzene and BTEX analyzers solutions for industrial ambient air sector - Air and Climate - Air Monitoring and Testing

Gas chromatograph for measurement of industrial ambient air for workers safety and emission control. For 20 years Synspec has developed monitors for measuring hydrocarbons for industrial safety. Industrial workers safety authorities require increasingly very strict monitoring of the carcinogenic and highly toxic hydrocarbons: this means that low ppm to ppb measurements for indoor industrial applications.

The Delta is the single component analyzer line of Synspec for the measurement of these toxic hydrocarbons. In the Delta we have combined the knowledge of 10 years of making gas chromatographs for ambient air monitoring. Synspec designed this monitor for the requirement of industrial areas.

We offer for this besides the gas chromatograph a multipoint sampler, automatic validations, software with different operator levels, automatic TWA calculations and flexible data-communication.

Typical industrial applications and measured compounds:

Depending on the required range, cycle time and possible interfering compounds the system will be supplied as a Delta 100 or Delta 300. But in some cases a GC955 series 500 systems will be provided.

Coditheen Alpha

The Coditheen Alpha has been designed for the company Hanwel, in Enschede in the Netherlands.
Hanwel sells systems for greenhouse gas carbon dioxide dosing combined with a power generator.
The Coditheen measures ethane at low to mid ppb levels, the result is used to control the purification of the exhaust gas from the generator.
If the catalytical purification system does not work, the ethene level may sometimes rise. The concentration of ethene in the exhaust as measured by the Hanwel Codithene will lead to an alarm and the gas will no longer be used for carbon dioxide dosing.