Online Mapping and Data Sharing Platform for Monitoring Operations - Environmental

Our Ecosystem is a satellite data sharing platform for monitoring worldwide operations, such as supply chain impacts, conservation efforts and fixed assets, all from a web browser.

Access information from satellites and other data sources to build knowledge, manage risks and identify opportunities around the world.

Our Ecosystem (OE) provides a platform for building and sharing mission-critical data projects in many situations globally:

  • Monitoring supply chain impacts and information
  • Scoping and due diligence on investments in land based assets
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for infrastructure projects and new development
  • Mapping and quantification of resources, impacts, risks and opportunities
  • Demonstrating or checking compliance to environmental legislation or green claims
  • Monitoring changes to vegetation, water and other resources in your areas of interest
  • Disaster response management and evaluation of aid programmes


Our EcosystemTechnology and Support

OE uses advanced proprietary techniques to enable the efficient storing, automated processing and querying of vast quantities of remotely sensed data. These techniques are combined with scaleable web tools to allow efficient and easy interaction by non-expert end users and rapid development and deployment of new apps. Our designers and experts on land use and natural resources can help you through all stages needed to develop and deploy your own apps suitable for your situation.

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