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Online monitoring solutions for fast determination of oxygen in dry chlorine - Monitoring and Testing

The purpose of fast determination of oxygen in dry chlorine is to verify the chlorine oxygen specifications, as well as to keep control of the oxygen-chlorine-ethylene explosion triangle. The technology behind AppliTek’s analyzer system for the fast determination of oxygen in wet chlorine is qualified as Best Available Technology (BAT) as defined by US Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act, as well as European directive 96/61/EC.

The analyzer system is also available for determination of oxygen in wet chlorine in the electrolysis stage, with the aim of controlling the membrane oxygen permeation.

The oxygen concentration is very important for further chlorine processes such as production of ethylene dichloride (EDC). For safety reasons, the oxygen concentration of the chlorination reactor is very important. On-line measurement of oxygen in dry chlorine can be used as preceding value for the chlorine consumer such as EDC plants, as to keep the explosion triangle oxygen–chlorine-ethylene below explosion limits.

Parameters: Oxygen

  • Best Available Technology (BAT) by US Clean Air Act/Clean Water Act, European directive 96/61/EC

Typical measuring ranges  
0 – 25 vol% O2
Other ranges on request.

Analysis method  
Paramagnetic alternating pressure

Detection limit    

Response time    
5 seconds