Orcan Energy AG

ORC solutions for Industry - Manufacturing, Other

Our second-generation ORC solutions are incredibly versatile and are successfully used in a wide range of industrial sectors. With a power range of 5 kWel to 100 kWel, they produce electricity safely and reliably regardless of waste heat source. Waste heat can come from exhaust gases, extracted air, vapor or process water. Typical waste heat sources include furnaces in the steel, glass and ceramics industries, or thermal afterburning systems in the automotive, construction or wood processing sectors.


Our second-generation ORC solutions are highly efficient and significantly increase the energy efficiency of your industrial processes. The compact design and innovative technology make our efficiency PACKs a simple and cost-effective way for you to reduce energy costs in your business.

Users can also benefit from state subsidies, such as those from KfW in Germany (grant of up to 40% CAPEX for your efficiency project). Furthermore, the efficiency PACKs are an easy and low-cost way for you to meet energy efficiency specifications in line with ISO 50001/3.

Flexible & dynamic

Our products do not affect your existing processes. The second-generation ORC solutions can always be adjusted to the respective situation. They can be used at partial load and are highly dynamic. This allows you to reliably generate electricity even when your industrial systems are not running at full load, and when waste heat is already being partially used or generated at different times.

Absolutely reliable

We use proven and standardized industrial components to ensure that our ORC systems are absolutely reliable. As of today, we have recorded over 600,000 operating hours among our customers.

Flexible financing

We offer a range of attractive financing options to help you benefit from our ORC solutions. From purchase and leasing to bank finance, we can find the right option for you.