Cleveland Biotech Ltd.

Organic Solids Degradation

Municipal and Industrial WWTP, Sewage Lines & Pumping Wells, Fish and Prawn Ponds and Septic Tanks and Mobile Toilets.

Municipal and Industrial WWTP

  • Reduction of FOG/COD/BOD/SS levels
  • Optimisation of the biodegradation process
  • Rapid start up of new plants, seasonally operated plants or after shut down for refurbishment
  • Rapid recovery of biological activity after a toxic shock.
  • Reduction in sludge levels
  • Achievement of effluent discharge consent levels
  • Faster degradation of difficult wastes
  • Control of filamentous bulking
  • Reduction of fouling of membranes, bio-discs and packed media.

Sewage Lines & Pumping Wells

  • Reduction of septicity & noxious odours
  • Reduction of grease build-up in sewer lines and pumping wells

Fish and Prawn Ponds

  • Reduction of COD/BOD/SS levels
  • Control of algal growths
  • Reduction in sludge levels
  • Reduction in frequency of water changes

Septic Tanks and Mobile Toilets

  • Septic tanks: reduction of odours and the frequency of emptying, clearance of blocked soakaways.
  • Mobile toilets: control of odours, replacement of harmful chemicals and improvement in discharge quality.