Overcoming water treatment challenges in mining - Mining

The ability to clean water in a consistent and reliable manner is essential for the operations of mines. The minerals and other solid materials removed from water during the dewatering process result in a contaminated wastewater that can be harmful to the environment. Costs for trucking wastewater for disposal are high and a more economical solution is on site water purification. This not only minimizes environmental impact but also helps to ensure compliance with municipal and federal regulations. This water can also be reused in many mine site applications to further reduce cost and waste. The salinity of the water can vary depending on the life cycle stage of the mine. High concentrations of difficult to treat silica and gypsum are often prevalent, which causes operational problems for standard reverse osmosis.

Desalitech’s Closed Circuit Reverse Osmosis (CCRO) systems excel where other RO systems fail and can provide maximum water recovery of up to 98% plus a resistance to fouling, scaling that drives your organization towards exceeding operational and sustainability goals.

CCRO systems operate autonomously and can automatically adapt to changing feedwater, without the need for operator intervention.  For certain locations, Desalitech’s ReClaim™ Build Own Operate program may be appropriate – ask you Desalitech representative today!

Process Water
Water is essential to the mineral processing activities in the mining industry. Water is required in various steps throughout the process to recover valuable metals from ore. The volume of water required for these types of processes is quite high – for example, around 423 gallons of water are used to obtain the 42 pounds of copper found in a medium-sized sedan.  In remote locations, purified water may not be readily available for use and use of water technology is required.

Wastewater Reuse & Discharge
Dewatering mines and mine closure activities (which can also include ongoing dewatering) require water treatment to reduce the overall environmental impact. On-site water treatment not only helps to comply with environmental regulations but can also turn contaminated water into usable water once more. Additionally, on-site treatment is a more economical solution than alternatives such as trucking wastewater off site for disposal. Desalitech’s Closed Circuit Reverse Osmosis systems are ideal for treating large volumes of varying feed or problematic water. Their high recovery operation makes them ideal for reuse of wastewater which further reduces environmental impact.