Overcoming water treatment challenges in the food & beverage industry - Food and Beverage

If you’re in the food and beverage industry – you know that water plays a critical role in countless facets of your business. High water and wastewater costs paired with sustainability goals make navigating water use and efficiency more than a full-time job. Having a reliable stream of purified water with ensures everything from product quality and consistency to proper operation and maintenance of boilers and cooling towers. Water treatment is absolutely essential for the food and beverage industry.

Desalitech’s Closed Circuit Reverse Osmosis systems excel where other RO systems fail and can provide maximum water recovery of up to 98% plus a resistance to fouling, scaling that drives your organization towards exceeding operational and sustainability goals.

CCRO allows plant operations to focus their on attention on more critical matters as the systems automatically adapt to varying feed water and allow for remote control of the system if there are changes that do need to be made.

Ingredient/Process Water

Consistency, quality, reliability and cost efficiency are top priorities for food and beverage process water. Desalitech’s industrial reverse osmosis systems outperform existing reverse osmosis systems with a highly adaptive process that guarantees maximum recovery and requires very little maintenance and operating. Desalitech systems resist fouling and scaling to ensure increased operating uptime and less budget spent on chemical dosing or CIP.

Cooling Water Blow Down

Efficient cooling water treatment is critical for ensuring maximized productivity and continuous operation. With greater scaling resistance and adaptability to varying feed water, Desalitech’s ReFlex Reverse Osmosis systems purify water at unparalleled levels of efficiency and ease.

Boiler Feedwater

Boilers require a very high quality water to operate. Allowing impurities to enter the boiler system can result in loss of heat efficiency, increased fuel consumption, condensate corrosion and reduced productivity. ReFlex Reverse Osmosis reliably removes water impurities, guaranteeing consistent and highly efficient operation.