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Oxidative solutions for the produce washing areas - Manufacturing, Other

Enhance Fresh Produce Washing to Extend Shelf Life, and Reduce Microbial Load. Retailers and consumers demand convenience, flexibility and the highest possible safety and quality standards. These demands are very challenging for the fresh produce and convenience food growers and processors to manage and meet.

  • Fresh produce has a very short work in progress cycle and supply chains must be capable of flexing to meet significant changes in retailer orders.
  • Fresh produce that is field grown will arrive at the processing site contaminated with surface borne pathogens that may cause human health risks including listeria and salmonella.
  • Washing fresh produce is very expensive in both use of water and power as very large volumes of water need to be chilled and will be dumped to drain.
  • Fresh produce shelf life limits drive significant food waste – just under 40% of bagged, washed salad is thrown away by UK consumers.

Ozo Innovations’ Solutions – elolife and elomax

elolife and elomax –  have been developed as non disclosable processing aids formulated from electrolysed water for the effective management of surface borne pathogens and extension of shelf life. elolife and elomax is made on-site using salt and water and our elosystem(TM).

elolife and elomax have achieved significantly greater microbial kill in fresh produce washing over current washing approaches, offering the potential benefit of an extra day of shelf life on ready to cook products containing meat and fresh vegetables.

They also deliver compelling pathogen management strategies for challenging products such as fresh bean sprouts.

  • An additional two log kill over current wash approaches
  • Flexibility in managing WIP inventory in peak demand
  • Extended shelf life
  • Robust fresh produce hygiene in restaurants and best practice pathogen control