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Oxygen generation for ozone industry - Water and Wastewater

Ozone is a highly effective method for bacteriological treatment and useful in a variety of everyday situations from removing odor to ensuring clean, high quality drinking water from the tap. But O3 is more than just effective. It is also environmentally safe, which makes it highly suitable for treating water in enormous quantities; both drinking water and industrial waste water, i.e. in industrial slaughterhouses.

At Oxymat, we offer oxygen feed gas plants for Ozone. Feed gas plants are highly cost effective and low in energy use. You can expect reduction in your energy consumption with up to 30%.

Ozone production
Ozone is very reactive and unstable. It cannot be stored and has to be produced where and when it is needed. Using oxygen (O2) as feed-gas allows the ozone generators to break down some of the O2 molecules into free oxygen molecules, which immediately attacks existing O2 molecules and forms ozone (O3).