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Ozone generator for Car/RV/Aircraft/Boat Odors - Automobile & Ground Transport - Cars

Ozone generators destroy all odors in any transportation vehicles. All vehicles will begin to have odors from continual use. Many things can cause odors in transportation vehicles. There are spills from food and beverages, tobacco fumes from smoking, pet and body odors as well as wet materials that cause mold growth. Ozone is extremely effective at eliminating odors in cars and other vehicles. The Total Zone TZ-1 is extremely effective vehicle odor eliminator because ozone (03) oxidizes odors at their source. When ozone fills the interior of the vehicle it begins oxidizing odors that cling to surfaces of the vehicle as well as cleaning out all AC air vents, cracks, and seat pockets. After a vehicle has been cleaned by vacuuming and wiping down, an ozone generator can now be used.

Once the entire vehicle is dry the vehicle should be parked in the shade, started, and have the air conditioning mode on “MAX AC” or “recirculate”. The TZ-1 ozone generator can now be sat on the floor in the car and the timer turned to 30 minutes. Shut all doors and windows. Since a vehicle has a much smaller cubic area than a house or building it will take much less time to treat successfully.