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Ozone System for Food Industry - Food and Beverage

In response to the growing need for a safer, more effective sanitizer, the FDA acknowledged the GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) status of ozone in 1997. Ozone became an unrestricted food additive July of 2002. Piper Environmental Group, Inc.’s food processing applications were reviewed during this period.

  • By 1991, the EPA had confirmed ozone as the most effective primary disinfectant available for drinking water. Many municipal and bottled water plants have been injecting ozone based on the EPA’s findings. Now, an increasing number of food products are being sanitized with ozone.
  • Utilizing ozone technology provides many advantages over traditional treatment for food processing. Ozone is a 152% stronger oxidizing agent than chlorine. In addition, ozone kills all known bacteria, viruses, mold, spores, yeast, mildew and fungus faster than hot water or conventional chemicals. Environmentally sound, ozonated cold water replaces traditional hot water and harsh chemical sanitation such as chlorine, chlorine dioxide and quaternary ammonium or peroxide/acetic acid compounds.
  • Even with the awareness of ozone as disinfection treatment for food, very few manufacturers are capable of offering expert sizing assistance, design, engineering, manufacturing of integrated ozone systems and technical support necessary to provide the correct ozone system to fit your needs. Many plant operators have been unable to keep up with the myriad of changes brought about by industry growth.


  • Wine and Beverage
  • Bottled Water
  • Food Industry