Ozone/UV systems for drinking water treatment - Water and Wastewater - Drinking Water

Multiple treatment reactions and benefits are obtained at ozonation, all at the same time. Ozone based advanced oxidation processes are important because of reactions with organic molecules that are not readily oxidized by ozone. One challenge beverage suppliers face is the need to deliver a product free of bacteria and with extended shelf life. Because of its powerful disinfectant properties, environmentally clean treatment process and its oxidative ability, ozone has become the technology of choice among water bottlers worldwide.

Ozone is used in drinking water treatment plants:

  • for high performance disinfection and
  • for highly efficient oxidative treatment resulting typically in iron, manganese and, also, nitrite, cyanide, and hydrogen sulfide and color, taste, and odor removal.

Other benefits are improved particulate removal from filtration, reduced coagulant dosage, oxidation of synthetic compounds including pesticides, solvents, endocrine disruptors, etc.