Ozone/UV systems for swimming pool water treatment - Water and Wastewater - Swimming Pools

Studies have proven that chlorine use has negative consequences due to the formation of byproducts, i.e. chlorinated organic compounds and chloramines. Irritation of eyes and mucous membranes, drying out the skin as well as “chlorine smell” are well known troubles. However, these byproducts also accelerate the corrosion in pool halls and significant risk is given by their toxicity (chloramines, combined chlorine) and/or carcinogenicity. Higher rate of asthma prevalence is one of the consequences. These are the reasons why the combined chlorine content - as a marker of chlorination byproducts presence - is to be monitored and why its limit values are specified by authorities. To meet the limits can be tedious and expensive because more water has to be changed and heated up. Chlorine disinfection is not sufficient to prevent infections caused by some waterborne pathogens as dangerous protozoan parasites Cryptosporidium parvum and Giardia lamblia.

IN PUBLIC POOLS, the most effective solution is the completion of chlorine based water treatment technology by UV system or ozonation assembly or our LifeOX (OZONE + UV) that uses an advanced oxidation process. Installation of these products will find expression in

  • reduction of chlorination byproducts including combined chlorine,
  • dramatical improvement of the disinfection efficiency,
  • reduction of necessary free chlorine concentration,
  • improvement of water quality,
  • savings of water and the energy necessary to heat the water up,
  • reduction of corrosion rate.

IN PRIVATE AND LIGHTLY LOADED POOLS, beside the solutions introduced above, adverse effects to human health can be completely avoided by a chlorine free treatment of water. Our special solution is based on a combination of one of the above mentioned technologies (UV, ozone, and LifeOX).

We can also offer our practical experience how to treat both, the private and public pools, only by ozonation..