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Ozone Water Treatment for Activated Sludge Process Plants - Water & Wastewater - Sludge Management

Ozone breaks up filaments and improves settling characteristics of the sludge... Filamentous sludge is a common problem at activated sludge plants. With ozonation of the return sludge flow it is possible to reduced the amount of filamentous bacteria in the sludge and significantly increased the settling properties of the sludge.This in turn means better performance of the activated sludge process. When a bioreactor is connected to the sludge line the removal of the damaging filamentous bacteria means higher quality sludge in the bioreactor, which leads to higher biogas production.

In the treatment of  filamentous sludge ozone breaks up the filaments and improves the settling characteristics of the sludge, without any negative effect on the important nitrification process or the biological phosphorus separation.

The Primozone SM900 is a complete ozone system housed in a small container. Convenient and with a short installation time. It is a perfect solution for treating filamentous sludge as it can easily be placed close to the activated sludge process.