Primozone Production AB

Ozone Water Treatment for Municipal Water Treatment - Water & Wastewater - Water Treatment

Maintenance free and easy to operate ozone generators supplied by ozone generator manufacturer who knows ozone. Primozone is a modern ozone generator supplier who not only supplies ozone generators but also designs complete ozone water treatment systems. We know ozone and can be your partner in designing a complete and efficiently working ozone generator system for most municipal water treatment issues. The Primozone® technology allows for solutions that are cost effective. Our ozone generators produce a high concentration of ozone using a comparing low amount of energy, which makes the life cycle cost surprisingly low.

The Primozone ozone technology is different in many ways which means that we, for example, can offer maintenance free and high performance ozone generators.

  • made from only stainless steel and aluminum
  • no specialists needed to operate or maintain
  • modular and scalable
  • maintenance free

As your partner Primozone can design a complete and optimal ozone solution for municipal water treatment. We supply complete ozone water treatment systems with everything from oxygen generators to dissolution modules and ozone destruction.