Primozone Production AB

Ozone Water Treatment for Odor Control Industry - Water and Wastewater

Odor from industries is a growing problem as cities are expanding closer to industrial areas. The production at food processing industries, fish factories, biodiesel plants and the like can create odors that might be a nuisance to the surrounding area. Odor control systems has thus become important to industries located closed to urban areas.

Ozone allows for an environmentally friendly and chemical free solution to remove odor from industrial off-gas. Ozone has proven efficient where scrubbers and bio-filters are not. Certain scrubbers can be upgraded to use ozone to eliminate use of chemicals. This enables re-use of water while eliminating risks of legionella outbreaks.

The Primozone ozone odor control system

Every odor has a specific chemistry and needs to be analyzed before treatment. At Primozone we provide complete and customized ozone solutions tailored to solve specific odor problems.

  • Easy integration into existing system
  • Minimum maintenance
  • No by-products