Paper product and security destruction shredding - Waste and Recycling - Paper Recycling

SSI builds mobile or stationary shredders for publishers to destroy returned, misprinted, or outdated books, for companies to destroy paper files for security purposes.


SSI shredders are frequently used to shred scrap paper prior to baling. Shredding facilitates handling and makes the bale density more consistent.

Very sensitive documents are often processed into an extremely small particle by a high-speed mill (granulator, disintegrator or knife mill). Pre-processing material in an SSI low-speed shredder first can increase the entire system's capacity, while reducing wear and damage to the high-speed mill.

Shredded paper is easier to handle and meter-feed into an incinerator. Shredding also allows the paper to burn more thoroughly and rapidly.

Pulping Applications
SSI shredders are ideal for shredding baled paper and cardboard prior to hydropulpling.