Opsis AB

Particulate Monitoring

The Opsis SM200 is a combined particulate monitor that can be used for both automatic measurement and filter sampling. It uses 47 mm filters for sampling and beta attenuation of particulates.

Why Opsis particulate Monitor?

  • Allows PM10, PM2.5 and TSP heads,
  • Meets the new dust regulation for automatic dust monitoring,
  • Meets the new regulation for particulate sampling on 47 mm filter membranes for further analysis of cadmium, nickel and other substances,
  • Samples at ambient temperature without changing the mass concentration,
  • High accuracy and precision due to extensive automatic QA/QC procedures,
  • The same instrument can be used for both automatic measurement and filter sampling,
  • Long unattended operation due to the large number of filters in the filter magazine,
  • Complete remote control, and
  • Easily integrated in modern AQM stations.


The Opsis particulate monitor meets the European dust regulation according to EN15267 for automatic dust monitoring of TSP, PM10, PM2.5 and sampler.