Patented Innovative Monitoring Technology for Buildings & Structures Industry - Construction & Construction Materials

SoundPrint is a patented innovative monitoring technology that can detect and locate failures in high-strength steel wire, strand, or cable through continuous, non-intrusive remote monitoring.

The tendon systems of post-tensioned concrete building structures, such as multi-storey commercial buildings and car-parks, are vulnerable to moisture ingress. Such ingress, which can occur at any time, can cause corrosion-induced failures in these structures. Current non-destructive evaluation techniques are ineffective for evaluating the condition of post-tensioned systems. Furthermore, intrusive inspection techniques, while useful in the initial assessment of a structure, can only provide a sampling of the condition of the wire strands that form the tendons.

SoundPrint continuously monitors every wire strand in a building and will identify the time and location of their failures. Since SoundPrint can also determine the frequency of wire failures, statistical techniques can be used to estimate future rates of failure in different parts of a building.