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activated carbon pellets (also referred to as pelletized C) is formed from high-quality coal or coconut shell by extruding the C into cylindrical particles with a diameter vary of zero.9 to 8 mm. It’s extremely active expanse and create it born from the a


Activated carbon is with terribly massive internal surface areas defined by micro porosity, have robust absorption capacity, it have 3 main sorts, Granular atomic number 6, Pellet atomic number 6, Powder atomic number 6. Our product are exported to America, Japan, Australia, Russia, Sudan, Poland, Venezuela etc. The ZEELCHEM Pellet /Columnar Activated Carbon is formed from prime quality coal, it conjointly referred to as Columnar or Extruded atomic number 6, The diameter starting from 1 mm to 9 mm, The extruded pellet type provides a coffee system pressure drop, that is a crucial thought within the gas-phase uses.

Alternate Synonyms for “activated carbon”: activated charcoal; carbon; C; atomic number 6.

Which type of C is appropriate for me?
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