Cerex Monitoring Solutions, LLC.

Perimeter Ambient Air Monitoring - Air and Climate - Air Monitoring and Testing

Cerex Multi-Gas Open Path Analyzers are available in both FTIR and UVDOAS technologies to meet specific requirements for perimeter ambient air quality monitoring, leak detection, fugitive emissions monitoring and ambient air quality monitoring. Cerex multi-gas analyzers offer significant advantages over single gas analyzer arrays, electro-chemical sensor arrays and time integrated air sampling hardware

Cerex UV Sentry Multi-Gas Open Path UVDOAS Analyzer

Cerex UVDOAS and FTIR Open Path Multi-gas Analyzer technology offers cost effective monitoring for your PAAM and Leak Detection monitoring efforts including:

  • Real time, continuous monitoring
  • Low consumables and cost of ownership
  • Inherent calibration
  • Multi-compound analysis
  • Long path remote sensing
  • Simplified remote control and automated data delivery