PET Recycling (Blown Bottles) - glass industry

The area of PET bottle recycling is characterised by very high wear and tear on the machines. Frequent blade changes, high energy costs, poor accessibility and thus long downtimes – these are the substantial problems with which recycling firms struggle to increase the cost effectiveness of their systems. With the CentriCut from Nuga Systems these problems are a thing of the past. Optimal access is guaranteed thanks to the very compact design of the CentriCut. Energy costs are 50% lower due to the innovative operating principle. The special carbide cutting inserts guarantee long blade life and in addition a very quick blade change. This reduces the CentriCut downtime above the average and increases the system integrity of the entire system.

  • Throughput: CentriCut®:
  • < 800 kg: CC44r
  • < 1200 kg: CC44sr
  • < 2500 kg: CC44slr

The throughputs are approximate values, depending on the input material (shape, type, flow of material) and the screen size.