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Pipeline management presents challenges that are quite unique. Their long length, high value, high risk and often difficult access conditions require continuous monitoring as well as an optimization of maintenance interventions. The main concern for pipeline owners comes from possible leakages that can have a severe impact on the environment and put the pipeline out of service for repair. Leakages can have different causes, including excessive deformations caused by earthquakes, landslides or collisions mobile objects, corrosion, wear, material flaws or third party intrusion.

Leakages can be detected and localized using distributed fiber optic temperature sensors. Fluid pipelines generate a hot-spot at the location of the leak, while gas pipelines generate a cold-spot due to relaxation of gas pressure. These localized thermal anomalies can be detected by a distributed measurement system with good spatial, time and temperature resolution. Furthermore, it is often possible to detect damage before a critical state is reached. The Roctest Group systems are ideally suited for these tasks. By measuring distributed strain, it is possible to determine the increased stresses due to external actions such as landslides and earthquakes, or the internal causes such as the reduction of cross-section due to corrosion and wear. Distributed temperature and strain monitoring can also detect third party intrusion before any damage is done to the pipeline.

The Roctest Group's pipeline monitoring systems can be used for distributed measurements of both strain and temperature over extremely long distances, limiting the number of instruments required to monitor a long pipeline.

The Roctest Group's pipeline monitoring systems are based on a combination of sensing cables, measurement instruments and data processing software. Different cables are available for temperature sensing (normal and high temperatures), strain sensing and combined strain and temperature sensing. The cables are designed to be installed on the pipeline surface or in its proximity. The different distributed sensing solutions can cover pipeline lengths from hundreds of meters to hundreds of kilometers. Specialized software packages are available to detect leakages, intrusions and deformations of gas, fluids and multiphase pipelines, to display and publish the measurement results in a user-friendly interface and to generate warnings when abnormal conditions are detected.

1 - Integrated Solutions The Roctest Group provides Integrated Monitoring Solutions for pipelines, based on advanced distributed fiber optic sensor cables, measurement instruments and software. The Roctest Group also integrates local corrosion sensors and other third party transducers for additional information in critical zones. All sensing technologies are seamlessly integrated into a single database and user interface.

2 - SHMLive Through the SHMLive service, the Roctest Group offers a comprehensive solution for pipeline monitoring. This includes the design of the system, its delivery and installation, maintenance and operation, web access to the data and data analysis by experienced engineering partners, all for a fixed monthly fee.

3 - State-of-the-art system: To localize issues with a one meter accuracy and unparalleled sensitivity The Roctest Group distributed sensing technology allows owners to identify events such as leakages, intrusions and deformations with a one meter accuracy, over the whole length of the pipeline. This allows targeted inspections and repairs when issues are discovered. Detecting leakages of 10 ml/min, strain of 0.02mm/m and temperature changes due to intrusions of 0.1°C is now possible. This enables early detection of problems, when it is still possible to correct them without major disruption to pipeline operation.

4 - Continuous monitoring 24/7, reduce down-time, prevention instead of curing The system operates continuously and autonomously in order to provide alerts as soon as an anomaly is detected. Thanks to the early detection of intrusion attempts, leakages and deformations, pipeline owners can now reduce the impact of these events by reacting immediately.

5 - Reduce economic, environmental, social and image liabilities
Leakages and intrusions can have consequences that go beyond the mere loss of revenues from pipeline operation. Investing in the prevention of such events helps the acceptance of new pipeline projects, reduces insurance costs and promotes the environmental consciousness of pipeline owners and operators.

6 - Assessing pipeline safety immediately after a major event Understand and assess possible damages and failures caused by extraordinary events such as earthquakes, third party intrusion, explosions or floods. This ability allows responsible engineers or consultants to make a preliminary assessment of whether the safety of the pipeline has been seriously compromised.

7 - Proven track record Pipeline monitoring systems have been installed and are in operation on several pipelines where the performance of the system can be verified.

8 - The Roctest Group: a dependable partner for instrumentation project management
The Roctest Group will support the owners in all phases of a project, from system design to installation, commissioning and training. Through the experience and commitment of the Roctest Group, any monitoring needs will be met. The Roctest group has been instrumenting critical structures, including dams and nuclear power plants, for more than 60 years. Its worldwide network of system integrators provides a competent local support for any project. All the systems come with a 10 year warranty on the availability of spare parts.

The following packages are the most widely used for pipeline monitoring. However, each project has specific requirements and needs that can be addressed by a tailored system. The Roctest Group has developed a 7-step methodology to design and implement a optimal SHM system for any pipeline.