Pipes and Storage Systems for Chemical Industries - Chemical & Pharmaceuticals - Fine Chemicals

GCER - Teammate Chemical Industries; Experiences and projects with the chemical industries in Tunisia and abroad have enabled us to offer our customers a wide range of products and solutions related to the chemical liquid container for the development of this industry. We have developed a solid experience in the design and manufacture of pipes and storage systems designed to convey aggressive and corrosive chemical fluids and it is precisely at this level that distinguishes the characteristics of GCER applications.

We offer a range of equipment for the chemical industry as the piping for the chemical industry, purification hoods, filters or storage tanks or transport of liquid chemicals as well as reactors, decanters, fireplaces, Scrubbers ...

Our design department works closely with our customers to generate the maximum of information on the conditions of service and the nature of the product that will be sent or stored. it applies to international standards and EN 13121 standards, UIC DT 15 10 ASME, ASME RTP1. Our equipment is dimensioned for a continuous operation of 50 years.

First of all we offer a product of high performance cheaper by 20%.
Then ,our pipes for the chemical industry have 10 times lighter than cast iron pipe, steel core, easier to handle and install.

Finally, this material has far superior hydraulic characteristics, constant over timethanks to 'liner' extremely smooth inside, composed of flexible resin.