Plasma Air Systems Corporation

PLAZKAT systems for treatment of emissions from motor and railroad vehicles - Automobile & Ground Transport

PLAZKAT Aero systems are used to treat emissions from motor and railroad vehicles. It has been found that exhaust gases from internal combustion engines (ICE) contain over 250 ingredients. Major components include carbon oxides, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons.

PLAZKAT systems application:

  1. Motor transport emissions treatment in underground parking lots;
  2. Motor transport emission treatment in road tunnels;
  3. Motor transport emission treatment from garages in motor vehicle fleets (bus fleets, truck fleets);
  4. Motor transport emission treatment from motor car service stations;
  5. Railroad ecological points (rheostatic diesel-powered locomotive tests);
  6. Diesel-generating sets emission treatment.

 PLAZKAT Aero systems neutralize harmful substances by decomposing them into elementary compounds. At the same time nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions are reduced by more than 90%.