Plasma Air Systems Corporation

PLAZKAT systems for treatment of emissions from the chemical industry - Chemical & Pharmaceuticals - Fine Chemicals

Plasma catalytic treatment is desirable in the following processes used in the chemical industry: basic organic synthesis, production of artificial fibers and manufacture of mineral fertilizers.

The plasma catalytic technique imust be considered promising because when it is usedorganic contaminants in the air released into the atmosphereare almost completely broken down. Plasma catalytic PLAZKAT air cleaners efficiently destroy harmful impurities with unpleasant smells, including amines, sulfides, mercaptants, unsaturated hydrocarbones etc.
Usually, industrial ventilation systems do not contain special-purpose equipment for chemical and bactericidal indoor air treatment, and increasing the capacity of conventionalventilation systemsmay not efficiently reduce the concentration of contaminants in workshop areas. PLAZKAT systems make it possible to solve this problem, emissions are treated by more than 90%.