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PLAZKAT systems for treatment of emissions from the pharmaceutical industry - Chemical & Pharmaceuticals - Pharmaceutical

In connection with treatment of emissions from the pharmaceutical industry it is neccessary to observe stringent restrictions on biological air contamination. The use of PLAZKAT units in the pharmaceutical industry not only allows effective treatment of biological contaminants in the air, but also of harmful impurities.

Independent tests have shown a high level of decontamination after treatment with a plasma catalytic air cleaner. Therefore, PLAZKAT units may be rather useful in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes which require the air to be disinfected. The most important aspect is that plasma catalytic treatment systems may be used effectivley in processes where terminal sterilization is not allowed and extraordinary safety precautions must be taken to avoid contamination of the products with viable micro-organisms.
The efficiency of plasma catalytic systems in air treatment from biological contaminants is improved by using ozone. Ozone kills microorganisms and destroys their protein structure. Air is treated with ozone in the air cleaner’s plasma chemical reactorthen excessozone is completely neutralized in the second (catalytic) stage of the apparatus, and is prevented from mixing with the ambient air in the building.