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PLAZKAT systems for treatment of woodworking industry emissions (plywood, woodchip and wood-fiber production) - Forestry & Wood

One of the problems arising in wood processing and production of popular materials based on wood, such as plywood, wood-chip and wood-fiber materials (chipboard, hardboard, OSB) is removing harmful substances from the air. Emissions from these industries are characterized primarily by the presence of phenol and formaldehyde, and the level of discharge is significant, up to 100 000 m3/hour of contaminated air.

In terms of air and water pollution almost all wood impregnation and heat treatment operations are harmful, for instance, sleeper impregnation and production of thermowood.
Air treatment systems are indispensable for gluers, veneer impregnating chambers, hot press dryers, sites for natural resin processing, and many other types of equipment, whose operation yields harmful substances in concentrations that exceed MAC, in particular phenol, formaldehyde, ammonia, turpentine, alcohols. PLAZKAT Aero systems neutralize the above-mentioned harmful substances by decomposing them into elementary compounds. At the same time, phenol, formaldehyde and alcohol emissions are reduced by more than 90%.

Applications of PLAZKAT systems in wood production of plywood.