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PLAZKAT systems for treatment (removal, neutralisation) of smelly substances from the air - Air and Climate - Indoor Air

PLAZKAT Aero units are used to neutralize bad smells from waste treatment facilities, caused by the presence of sulfur and nitrogen compounds - hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, and ammonia. Urban waste treatment facilities, local waste treatment systems in factories, pumping stations in waste water treatment systems are characterized by a strong smell of sulfur and nitric compounds.

Our equipment can be used to effectively remove hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, ammonia, etc. from emissions. A high degree of emission control allows the reduction of smell intensity by a factor of 10-25 times.The use of these units solves the problem of removing smells over the whole site. In order to reduce the capital cost of the removal systems, they may be installed in the immediate proximity to the source of smelly air, without prior air dilution.
Hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, ethyl mercaptan, dimethyl sulfide, dimethyl disulfide and ammonia are cleaned by more than 90%
Similar plants could be used for:
   1. Emission removal from exhaust ventilation of the sewerage pumping stations;
   2. Purifying ventilation of closed sludge drying beds;
   3. Cleaning of rooms in shops of emission mechanical treatment from an unpleasant smell;
   4. Treatment of ventilation emissions in wastewater manifold from bad smell;
   5. Treatment of emissions in open settling pits.