Invisible Structures, Inc.

Pollutants Removal from Rainwater for the green building industry

Invisible Structures, Inc has been committed to “green” building for more than twenty years, with a suite of products which not only protect the environment, but actually enhance it.

As a member of the USGBC, Invisible Structures is committed to helping your design earn LEED Points. Download our LEED 3.0 Category Guide, our LEED 3.0 Product Guide, and our State of the Earth Innovation! brochure for quick references for potential points. Visit our LEED page for more information.

Pollution Removal

Our product line can filter out Moderate amounts of pollutants and solid waste from rainwater infiltration. Click here for pollutant removal information

Tree Preservation

Old growth trees can be saved and new growth vegetation can be planted by substituting our product line for traditional development practices. Grasspave2, Gravelpave2, and Slopetame2 allows for oxygen, carbon dioxide, water, and nutrients to pass freely to the root zone. Asphalt and concrete suffocate trees. Draincore2 is a water and air drainage conveyance which enhances vegetation growth. Download our Tree Preservation Detailand our Tree Protection Paper.

Urban Heat Island Mitigation


Grasspave2, Gravepave2, Slopetame2 and Draincore2 can reduce the urban heat island effect.

Stormwater Management

Our products effectively filter pollutants from rainwater runoff, reduce runoff volume and rate, reduce erosion and soil migration, store water, and harvest rainwater for re-use. Click here for more stormwater benefit information

Recycled Material


Our products are made from 100% recycled content.