Engineered Polymer Technologies (EPT)

Polymers for Geomembranes/Primary & Secondary containment industry - Soil and Groundwater - Geotechnical

EPT XTRM PLY Geomembranes provides the widest range of products for your geomembrane applications. The combination of various polymers, fabrics, and widths provide you with endless design options for your project. Forty plus years of experience matching p

EPT XTRM PLY products are available as sheeting (1 ply) or reinforced membranes (3 ply). This allows you the versatility of using the same polymer chemistry with either product option. Whether you require a knit or woven fabric constructed with polyester, nylon, or fiberglass fiber, EPT can provide you with the right product at the highest quality.

EPT’s products are engineered to have extreme tear and tensile resistance while performing in sub-zero temperatures, extreme heat and UV exposure. This performance capability is there whether you are containing water, carbon-based, or hazardous waste materials.