LG Sonic

Pond algae control - Water and Wastewater

“The easiest and most effective manner to control algae in your pond without chemicals”

Control algae in ponds

Forget scooping of algae and start enjoying your pond. Algae growth in your pond can now effectively be controlled with the LG Sonic technology. Ponds clear up in only a few weeks and will be kept clear with one of the LG Sonic products.

Friendly for fish, waterplants and insects

The LG Sonic technology is tough on the algae in your pond yet completely harmless for other life forms present in the water. Various universities have researched the effect of the LG Sonic products on fish in , waterplants and insects but no negative effect was found.

Easy to install and maintain

The LG Sonic products work on the total surface of the pond. The installation of an extra pump or other system is not necessary. The products can just be placed in the pond. After installation the devices are nearly maintenance free..

Environmentally friendly

The LG Sonic products can be used without the addition of chemicals and have a very low power consumption.

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