QED Environmental Systems Ltd.

Portable and fixed gas analysers for CO2 monitoring - Monitoring and Testing - Air Monitoring and Testing

Monitoring industrial processes, CO2 gas quality control and indoor air quality can all be achieved using Geotech`s wide ranging CO2 analysers.

Gas Source

  • CO2 incubators
  • Breweries
  • Indoor air quality
  • Food processing
  • Stowaways in border crossing vehicles

Typical Gas Mix

  • Varies on application

Where does it occur?

  • Worldwide
  • Varies on application

Geotech Products Used In CO2 Monitoring:

  • G100
  • G110
  • G150

What is it for ?

  • Health and safety and staff well-being
  • Brewery quality assurance
  • Border Control


  • Failing to monitor indoor air quality can lead to health implications for staff.
  • Quality checking your brewery application improves the efficiency of your process.