Portable and fixed gas analysers for landfill perimeter monitoring

Controlling potentially explosive and asphyxiate gases from escaping off site is important for meeting Health and Safety standards and protecting the local environment.

Gas source / feedstock

  • General landfill waste

Typical gas mix

  • CH4 0-5%
  • CO2 0-5%
  • O2 0-6%
  • Trace gases

Where does it occur?

  • Europe
  • China
  • Australia
  • USA
  • Global

Geotech’s products used in landfill perimeter monitoring:

  • GA5000
  • GAM Software

What is it for?

  • Compliance with environmental legislation
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Health and safety
  • Compliance with PPC permits (UK)

Did you know?

Pressure build up in boreholes can show an inflated gas flow reading, use flow logging to prove a stable result has been taken