LG Sonic

Prevent biofouling in hulls and sea chests - Water and Wastewater

Prevent biofilm formation and lower fuel costs.

The LG Sonic devices emit specific ultrasonic parameters in order to prevent biofouling in hulls en sea chests.

Biofilm formation starts by bacteria attaching to a surface. The ultrasonic sound waves of LG Sonic create resonance around the solid surfaces within the water, thereby preventing bacteria to adhere to a surface. EPS, present in an existing biofilm, is directly targeted, degrading the biofilm. When bacteria, algae and biolm are reduced, as a result, the dosage of biocide and/or antifouling measures can also be reduced.

Effective biofilm control

Reduces fouling by up to 80% on the hull and prevents the growth of new biofilm.

Decrease dry-docking intervals

Because of the continual protection the hull remains clean with no need for dry-docking.

Safe for the marine ecosystem

Ultrasound effectively prevents biofouling without the use of harmful chemicals and without harming the marine ecosystem.

Improves fuel economy

By preventing the biofilm from growing a remarkable reduction in fuel of consumption is achieved.

Easy installation

Due to our marine grade design mounting footprint technology it is very easy to install the system.

Prevent damage to the anticorrosion layer

Avoid damage to industrial systems such as to filters. The anticorrosion layers will be preserved.

Each LG Sonic industrial-line system has a treatment range up to 10 meters and can be installed in the hull or sea chest. The device can be connected with a cable to a power outlet.