Process Belt Meshes For Forming and Laying Down - Manufacturing, Other

CONDUCTO process belts are antistatic process belt solutions for the nonwovens industry individually geared to the particular nonwoven laydown process. Due to their steady and consistently high electrostatic discharge, they are ideal for the manufacture of nonwoven materials that are produced in airlaid processes, carding processes and in spunbond/meltblown processes. Typical of the CONDUCTO process belt family are the woven-in bronze wires that guarantee the reliable discharge of nascent electrostatics.

Stable Mechanical Properties
In addition to continuous static control, the CONDUCTO belt types also stand out due to

  • precisely defined air permeability,
  • high cross-stability,
  • optimal flatness and
  • accurate tracking ability, specially allocated for exacting belt running behavior.

Multli-layer and Single-layer Mesh Structures – Woven Seams or Pin Seams
CONDUCTO belt types are available in both single-layer and multi-layer mesh structures in finished widths up to 6 meters. The multi-layer structure combines a top layer made of polyester with bronze wires on the underside of the belt. These belt types with a smooth surface and with non-marking endless woven seams or fine pin seams for exacting nonwoven forming perform convincingly as single-layer structures. The non-marking pin seam is designed as a single loop seam or double loop seam to meet the needs of the specific customer and process.

These belts are primarily used in the high-speed carding and spunbond/meltblown processes. In addition to the following CONDUCTO belt types, other belt types designed to meet the needs of the specific customer can be alternately used.