Process Belt Meshes For Pressing with Stage Presses - Water & Wastewater - Filtration & Separation

Single-stage press / multi-stage press; Presses with FLEXOPLAN – For exacting use in stationary single-stage presses and multi-stage presses, GKD produces FLEXOPLAN meshes in customized versions.

Manufacture of chip boards and MDF boards
FLEXOPLAN Type 452 KP is famous the world over for the manufacture of chip boards and MDF boards (middle density fibre boards). Efficiency and process reliability qualify the mesh in twilled weave for Becker & van Hüllen, Bison, Dieffenbacher, Metso, Motalla, Rautte, Schenck, Siempelkamp, Sunds and Washington Iron presses, for example.

OSB board manufacture
Caul screens of the GKD FLEXOPLAN 163 Special type are double-twisted, have a plain weave structure and are used all over the world in the production of OSB boards (oriented strand boards).

The specific surface coarseness of the OSB boards due to the mesh marking is the reason why FLEXOPLAN caul screens have been particularly successful in North America's construction industry.

Application areas and mesh types

  • FLEXOPLAN 452kp for the manufacture of chip boards / MDF boards
  • FLEXOPLAN 163 Special for OSB board manufacture

Mesh fittings and service
By request, our FLEXOPLAN caul screens are tailored for use in stage presses with a matching guide and/or caul guide rail.