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Process cooling and industrial comfort applications solutions for food and beverage industry - Food and Beverage

Refrigeration is needed in all food and beverage supply chain starting from the production for ending with distribution and involving a wide range of temperatures.

Most of applications in the #food&beverage industries need low temperatures and HITEMA could provide an infinite range of customized solutions. Indeed low temperatures chillers design is based on our customers’ needs who provide us all technical specification of their projects to be satisfied.

We can design solution with air-cooled chillers as well as water-cooled and also condenser-less all with scroll, screw or pistons compressors.

Hygiene is a must in the food & beverage area and the aggressive environments in which products are stored or produced could cause rust formation; that is where our stainless steel components are the better choice that can be imagined.

Moreover we can provide solutions specifically think to work with propylene glycol water to avoid products poisoning how may occur with ethylene glycol, due to its toxicity.

If you think it we can do it.