Proxion Process
Proxion Process

Process design & engineering services for water treatment industry - Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment

Waste water is any water that has been adversely affected in quality by anthropogenic influence. Municipal wastewater is usually conveyed in a combined sewer or sanitary sewer, and treated at a wastewater treatment plant or septic. Treated wastewater is discharged into receiving water via an effluent sewer.

At Proxion Process we understands that an effective primary waste water treatment is very critical to your plant operations, whether discharging directly to a municipal wastewater treatment system or treating prior to your own biological wastewater treatment system. Optimizing the performance of treatment equipment can dramatically minimize overall costs and maximize your return on investment.

Our multi-disciplinary design team blends expertise and proven reputation for innovative to provide waste water services tailored to our client specification. Our technical service include:

  • Process engineering and design for liquid and solids treatment systems
  • Treatment system design support (Preliminary Engineering Reports)
  • Civil, electrical, mechanical, chemical, instrumentation and control, geotechnical, structural, architectural engineering and design, technical specifications
  • Technical, economic and financial feasibility studies
  • Treatment process modelling and simulation software studies
  • Existing wastewater treatment plant upgrades
  • Routine operational support, troubleshooting and process de-bottlenecking.