Pulp and paper mill waste

SSI offers a variety of low-speed, high-torque shredding solutions for pulp and paper mill materials processing to increase mill efficiency. SSI designs and manufactures a variety of high-capacity shredding solutions specially suited for paper shredding and pulp mill materials processing. With SSI’s low-speed, high-torque technologies, pulp and paper mills are able to increase overall mill efficiency by reducing waste volume and lowering fuel, storage and transportation/disposal costs. SSI custom engineers the most effective size reduction solutions specific to the application.


Paper & Pulp Mill Materials Processed

  • Rag rope
  • Baled corrugated (OCC) or newsprint (ONP)
  • Pulper waste
  • General in-plant waste
  • Paper rolls/fiber cores
  • Wire
  • Slabs
  • Pallets
  • Packaging materials (shrink wrap, banding, etc.)
  • Scrap raw fibers and wood

Pre-Incineration Shredding

Shredded paper is easier to handle and meter-feed into an incinerator and burns more thoroughly and rapidly.

Bale Breaking or Preprocessing
Shredding bales prior to pulping delivers consistently sized and metered material which can increase pulper capacity–while lowering energy and maintenance costs. Reduced pulper slamming means fewer repair and maintenance issues.

Pulping Applications
SSI shredders are ideal for shredding baled paper and cardboard prior to hydropulpling.

Volume Reduction
Shredding can reduce waste volume to facilitate material handling, reduce storage requirements and lower transportation and/or disposal costs.

Fuel Preparation
Shred in-plant waste into cost-effective boiler fuel.

Product Destruction and Reclamation
SSI builds mobile or stationary shredders for destroying returned, misprinted, or outdated books and publications as well as for paper product destruction for security and recycling purposes.

Since the early 1990’s, SSI Shredding Systems has been designing and manufacturing ragger wire shredders for solid waste treatment. In 2000, SSI developed ragger wire recycling systems to recover steel wire and prepare waste for use as fuel. SSI’s purpose-built systems help customers generate revenue from ragger wire while reducing disposal costs and preserving the environment.

What is “Ragger Wire”?
Ragger wire, also known as “pulper tail” consists of the plastic trimmings, staples, tape, labels and baling wire found in baled post-consumer paper waste. It is made up of approximately 45% steel and 55% post consumer waste and must be removed from the pulper. During the pulping process, the waste material winds around itself, creating a tail-like chain which is highly compressed and extremely tough to shred. For many years, this ragger wire waste material was sent to landfills. With SSI’s purpose-built ragger wire recycling systems, this tough material can now be recycled and repurposed.

Why Shred or Recycle Ragger Wire?

  • Save landfill space and reduce disposal costs
  • Recover valuable raw materials - nearly 45% steel content
  • Generate revenue instead of waste
  • Residual waste becomes alternative fuel