Pulsair`s industrial mixers for oil & lubiricants industry - Oil, Gas & Refineries - Refineries

Pulsair Systems can custom design a system that mixes and blends tanks of virtually any tank size or configuration. No application is too large or too small. Our fast, efficient and economical Pulsair mixers can give you substantial savings on both electricity and compressed air. Our control systems can operate either single or multiple tanks. Whether it`s blending lubricants, mixing base stock and additives, thinning heavy emulsions or keeping storage tanks at a constant temperature, Pulsair Systems` technology has proven to be dramatically better. Our systems blends lubricants to specification usually within 30 minutes of adding all the ingredients used in your recipe. The result is a greater profit margin for you, the operator.

A typical mixing system is operated by a touch screen Pulsair Programmable Controller (PPC) that gives operators up to the minute visual control of every tank in the system. Each tank, regardless of differences in size, can be operated from the same controller but with its own specific mixing variables and timing functions.

Currently in use throughout the world in more than 45 countries, Pulsair Systems has been equipping petroleum tanks with our patented mixing system for more than 20 years.


  • Works in any tank configuration. Well suited to tall narrow tanks and horizontal cylinders.
  • Ideal for heavier liquids.
  • Same mixer and hardware can be used for a variety of liquids--just change the mixing parameters, pulse rate, injection time and injection pressure to increase or decrease mixing/agitation. No need to reconfigure the mixer.
  • Pulsair's portable systems are ideally suited for mixing mobile vessels like rail cars and tank trucks.


  • No critical minimum liquid depth required before the mixer can operate. Mix while you fill the tank.
  • Scours the bottom. Mixing process begins at the bottom of the tank as the air bubble emerges under the accumulator plate, forcing the liquids and sediment out and away from under the accumulator plate.
  • Mixes 100% of the tank's contents, unlike mechanical mixers and eductors. That leave 'dead' or unmixed areas on the tank floor, particularly in larger tanks.


  • Saves energy by allowing you to program an intermittent mixing cycle. With just a few pulses the kinetic energy from the rising bubbles involves the entire tank.
  • Pulsair's programmable multiple tank control system means you don't need a motor gear box or impeller for every tank, another savings. Pulsair also permits mixing of viscous materials at lower temperatures than mechanical devices, which saves on the energy required to heat the product before mixing.
  • Reduces plant noise levels - no screaming pumps and motors.