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Pulsar noise testing equipment for entertainment noise - Health and Safety - Noise and Vibration

As of April 2008, the entertainment industry is expected to comply with The Control of Noise at Work Regulations (2005). Owners and venue operators are now legally obliged to ensure their workforce is protected from excessive noise levels.

Controlling noise in the music and entertainment industries

Sound Level Meters

To measure the sound level of entertainment venues such as concert halls and arenas, we recommend our Class 2 Pulsar Nova Noise at work meter (Model 44)

Noise Dosimeters

There have been recent high profile legal claims against venues for loss of hearing in staff for overexposure to loud noise. If you need to monitor the personal noise exposure of your workers (for instance, musicians, bar staff etc), then the Pulsar noise dosimeter range will be required. The Model 22 noise dosimeter system is available in Black for orchestral musicians for example (so the audience will not be aware that they are wearing them).

Interactive noise warning signs

Our range of noise-activated warning signs can be placed inside venues to warn when staff need to wear hearing protection. 

Our weatherproof versions can also be placed outside venues such as public houses and nightclubs to warn people leaving to keep noise levels down - so neighbours are not annoyed by excessive noise.

To help you understand the key issues, Pulsar Instruments Plc have produced a Free Information Pack detailing the new regulations and offering simple advice and answers to the most commonly asked questions.

This informative, easy to read pack includes helpful information on:

  • The health effects of noise
  • The new regulations
  • Noise measurement basics
  • Noise risk assessments
  • Noise control

The guide also contains many useful links from websites such as the Health & Safety Executive to further enhance your knowledge in this area.