Pumping solutions for offshore liquid ring pump systems

In offshore drilling, the safety of both people and the environment is dependent on the constant management of risk. With great public concern and media attention, the safety of offshore drilling for both people and environment, has been widely discussed for many years. Offshore drilling can potentially cause oil spills or disposal of other waste into the ocean, impacting human life and marine life.


Most drilling companies depend on having the right systems, procedures and technology, in addition to a strong safety culture. Many companies have implemented an HSE policy and their modern rigs are designed to avoid environmental impacts.

Operating a drilling rig involves the use of many different substances and materials, which inevitably results in the production of waste. On-board waste streams may include discharges characterized as common waste, oil contaminated waste, or chemical waste which increases the demand for safe handling onboard.

SAMSON PUMPS is one of the leading suppliers of Waste Management vacuum systems to the offshore industry. Our wide product range is a result of more than 40 year’s experience with development and production of vacuum equipment.

SAMSON PUMPS´ first experience in offshore industry can be traced back to 1990. Today after more than 20 years of close cooperation with offshore engineers we are proud to be a preferred supplier for some of the biggest operators in the offshore industry. This cooperation has been instrumental for our continuing product development and development of the solutions, well adapted the latest requirements in the offshore industry.

Mud vacuum cleaning system

VaClean is a central suction cleaning system for the collection of spill products aboard drilling platforms. You get a complete system ready for installation. Simply connect it to the onboard pipe systems and to a supply of cooling water and electricity - and enjoy a clean and safe environment.