Pumps and Wells - Water and Wastewater

Operational efficiencies make good sense for business and for resource preservation. To extend the life of wells, gain more production from them, and to safeguard expensive pumps and motors from running dry, companies are retrofitting well pumps with VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives). But even with VFDs, wells are not being optimized to produce the maximum sustainable amount of water and are still running dry resulting in damaging hard stops on pump motors.

Drive-Chat powered remote access systems optimize well and irrigation operations. With it, it’s estimated that irrigation well production can be significantly increased.

Drive‑Chat powered systems can:

  • Equalize pump and motor speed to maintain safe drawdown levels
  • Monitor well health
  • Eliminate dry holes and the potential for well collapse
  • Avoid pump damage due to emergency stops
  • Extend useful service life of the well
  • Receive real-time alerts before major failures occur